Feed the Bees, please

Feed the bees, and they will feed you! Bees are a welcome asset to any landscape or garden. Not only are they beautiful, but they do important work.  While they feast on nectar from flowers, they "accidentally" spread pollen that sticks to their bodies, By flying from flower to flower, they spread pollen and keep the natural cycle going. There is great interest in honeybees, specifically.  Many folks are becoming very successful beekeepers, and harvest gallons of honey from hives right in their own backyards. It is our goal to offer as many plants as we can to help with that endeavor.

I purchased a great book compiled by the Xerces Society: 100 Plants to Feed the Bees. It has been a great reference book for me! I have included some of the tidbits I've learned from the book in our plant descriptions. The book is readily available online, so check it out.  I purchased my copy from Amazon.